About Us

Red Barn is an aquaponic greenhouse, farm and herb shop specializing in medicinal and culinary herbs, ethically wildcrafted, local medicinal herbs, handcrafted herbal products (in-store and online), workshops, herb walks, educational presentations, and private consultations by appointment.​​
We are 100% locally owned and operated.
We respect the earth's natural resources. We support, practice and teach ethical wildcrafting, never taking more from Mother Nature than what is abundantly available. We harvest plant materials ourselves by hand in small batches, in the country away from busy roadsides. We familiarize ourselves with local biological communities, keeping in mind not only their requirements for survival but also for the overall health and happiness of each particular family of plants, the wildlife that often need the plants for food and shelter, and surrounding soil erosion. Sadly, many plants, including our beloved local Wild Ginseng, have been over-harvested to the point of near extinction. It is also very important to know where you're harvesting (no trespassing on private property!), and to carefully and correctly label each plant.​
In addition to our aquaponic system, we utilize companion planting, crop rotation, natural pest control and manual weed removal and use natural and organic mulch and fertilizers.
If we can't grow or wildcraft it locally, we exclusively purchase certified organic and ethically wildcrafted plant material and natural ingredients from trusted sources.
We personally handcraft all of our products in small batches.
We are proud supporters of small farms and our own local farmer's markets.
We support and promote local crafters.
Our website actually works to save the environment. We are hosted 300% green, replacing three times the amount of energy used by servers with wind power.
We recycle.

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Meet the Crew...

Dennis Hicks, Herbalist, Chief Executive Manager - Dennis has spent most of his life learning about and honoring his Native American heritage, which includes the tradition of wildcrafting medicinal plants for health and wellness. He has a deep respect for the earth and for native plant life and has gained an extensive knowledge of our local flora through various medicinal herb classes, workshops, presentations, and his own impressive library. You're much more likely to find Dennis hiking through our local woods or along the banks of the Tennessee River sporting a harvesting knife and backpack than behind the front desk.

Mary Ann Hicks, RN, Manager - Mary Ann was raised at the knee of a Wise Woman grandmother who loved, respected, identified and utilized local medicinal plants. They spent many magical afternoons together, wandering through the countryside, with Meme talking about the plants she knew and their uses along the way. Now a Registered Nurse with over two decades of experience in the health industry, Mary Ann truly has a mind and heart for healing. Her education and professional background combined with her Wise Woman heritage has gifted us with the wonderful combination that is Mary Ann: A strong, wise, loving, gentle-spirited force of nature.

Leanne Holcomb, Herbalist, Manager - Leanne has made a lifelong commitment to the study and respect of herbs as allies and medicine. She received formal education with the American College of Healthcare Sciences (Herbal Studies, MH Diploma, 2003), along with Susun Weed's ABCs of Herbalism, several local and regional workshops and regular attendance at the annual Southeast Women's Herbal Conference. She practices in the Wise Woman Tradition, seeking health through individual wholeness, honoring the natural cycles of the body and seasons, simple living, and working with readily accessible, local plants.

Jay Holcomb, ASBA - From early childhood, Jay was taught a deep respect for family, community, hard work, and the importance of self reliability and living off the land. He has a literal lifetime of experience in farming, gardening, fishing, hunting, animal husbandry and homesteading. Jay also has over 20 years experience in the food, raw materials, planning, and purchasing industries and holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration as well as numerous professional and personal certifications, including the Dale Carnegie Class Instructor's Top 3.